30 de julio de 2012

Too much sun is not good!♡

How was your week? Bored? tired because of too much hot? 
I went to the beach two times the past week, one time on Monday and the last one yesterday( Sunday) I was wearing my new bikini but, it seems that wear a new bikini has got always a surprise: HAVE A RED BODY.

Obviously a good day always has got a good food shared with amazing friends. It was funny to have         cheese sandwichs and when you are going to eat a piece of it the CHEESE WAS TOO HOT T.T is tis a microwave or what? Anyway, the experience was extremely good and, I can't wait to repeat it again!

I put a cupcake ~~ Yah,PS:Do you like my roly poly sunglasses? Isnt it cute? ^0^

Now listenning: Gulliver-Super Junior

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