8 de agosto de 2012

► Life is a mess

Hello to everyone! How's your day going?!?!?! Im in a lazy day and also, I have been thinking in some things so, I hope that today you are interested in read all what I want to say.
Firstly, I would like to say that I want to do new things for my facebook page and for this site to make it funnier? I mean, I know that some people are foreigner, so, I was thinking if you would like me to , every time I GO OUT (parties, beach, restaurants...) you want me to take photos and talk about it,how much is it, if it was good or not, and other things to make you have more knowledge of other countries ≧∇≦  ~!  I HOPE YES!. Anyway, If you want another thing, feel free to say it on my TWITTER, FACEBOOK or Here!

Secondly, how I have too many free time, I have decided to start drawing again, but,this time Im interesting in try new mixes of colors and textures, so, I will be uploading stupid draws like this one, so I really hope you will enjoy it :3

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