22 de octubre de 2012

► [COOKING] How to make OMURICE?

Hello to everyone handsome people!  This time I have decided to start showing some dishes from Asia and why not? Let'start with an easy one: Omurice! It's from Japan and also you can see it in Korea, for example, if you are addicted to korean drama you should have seen YooChun eating it at Rooftop Prince.
I have selected some videos at youtube that can explain you how to make easily an Omurice. 
Dont be worry if the first time it looks like an alien, IT'S OK! It happened the same to me, you just need to know that practices makes perfect.

The first one, you can see that the Omurice is like fan made thanks to the Drama Rooftop Prince.

Any questions? Tips? Need help? Just tell me here in a comment or on FACEBOOK
Enjoy cooking and eat a lot!

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