9 de octubre de 2012

► Tips for an easy-daily make up

Hello Hello! Finally this time I will make this post in english for those that can't understand spanish at all!
This time, I want to make a short post talking about a daily make up for those girls that want a nice make up without spending too much time, or without looking a painted door.
Here you can see some fast tips:

► First at all, I use a BB cream to try to get a more natural look and a perfect appearance. Use always the correct BB Cream for your skin. If your skin is dark, don't use a light one, PLEASE (and don't use too much or it wont look natural)
► You can use black eye liner, it always work for a natural work. Here you have some examples:

► If for some reasons, you can't use an eyeliner, you can put around your eyes (be careful please) also BB cream and, use some eye shadow. I put it under my eye. Its fast and easy (I will explain      another time more difficult make-ups with eyeshadows) If you have got a dark eye, try to use light colors like white, blue... If your eyes are green or blue, try to use a dark color. Always try to choose the opposite to get the attention.

► Want a nice cheeks? Put a little bit of pink on it.
► To get a natural lips, put a little bit of lip gloss or a pink lip gloss (not too pink)


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