11 de noviembre de 2012

►[GOSSIP] What happens to IU?

Hello to everyone ! This time I would like to talk about something that is running through internet: IU and Eunhyuk.

What happens now? I think that maybe IU has shown that she is not an angel ANYMORE. If you are a Kpop fan maybe you know it:
IU uploaded to her twitter account a photo of her and Eunhyuk from Super Junior in the bed. Is exactly this photo
Eunhyuk enjoyed a lot.Just see his face.
The photo shows the half of the face of the singer IU and the whole face of Eunhyuk without TSHIRT! People think that she uploaded it by accident because this could be a private photo. Anyway, everybody should know that everybody when they grow up needs to make adult things *you know* and , anyway even if she is one of the most famous singer in korea, that she is an angel for everyone, angels also are humans in this world and this time would arrive before or later.
But sadly not everybody thinks the same because, according to some sources, many people have started to try to get signatures to dont allow IU to appear on TV anymore! And it's like... ARE YOU HEARING WHAT ARE YOU SAYING B*TCH? They are doing it because she touched their "Oppa".  Hey gurl, the "oppa" maybe wont know you anymore so, enjoy him only on videos and maybe in a concert so, meanwhile let him be happy. 
Anyway. stop all this sh*t against each one, IU is a human, she has to ride someone.

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