30 de diciembre de 2012

► [ULZZANG NEWS] Namsoo admits he is GAY

 Hello to everyone!! Today I'm really happy to write this amazing news!! 

Every ulzzang or each person that is interested in ulzzangs things will know about ULZZANG SHIDAE. Lee Namsoo and the young brother of the well known ulzzang Yu Ha Min are the stars today. 
Finally, the ulzzang Lee Namso has admited that he is GAY. I'm quite surprised because in South Korea not everybody is open minded so, tell the truth nowadays is quite amazing.

We can see on the pictures the happy faces of the couple Namso and, the other lucky guy is the young brother of  Yu Ha Min (another famous ulzzang), called Chuni. They have got an amazing support in the community of gays in South Korea.
I hope everybody that is reading this will support the couple and wish them the best luck in the world because they deserve it.
Talk about the truth and real feelings is quite hard and they are too young and they have a whole life to have an amazing life so, PLEASE, everyone, let's wish them the happiest life ~!


UPDATE:  We have seen in some tumblrs like this: CLICK HERE  and in other places saying that wasn't admited by him. We found the new from another website that said that he totally admited it! Probably is just a RUMOR so, we will say now that is just a RUMOR.
Also, the boy of the pictures is Lee SeungJun.
I havent started any rumor so, Im glad to put the new information :D

2 comentarios:

Lee Sunmi dijo...

Awww~ they look so cute together <3
i support them!! <3
Love Fighting!! (>//3//<)~

Lady Eilnys dijo...

Hum Maybe is a bit late but that is not lee seung jun bu yu seung jun.