21 de enero de 2013

[ULZZANG NEWS] Lee Chihoon actually trained to be in LEDApple

 Recently, fans found out that the famous ulzzang from Ulzzang Generation 5 Lee Chi Hoon was in the line-up for LEDApple. 

Fans know that the members of LEDApple were dermined trough a Japanese survival program.Every week they would go through and evaluation and switch out the members according to the results. Under the competitive system was also Lee Chi Hoon.

Sadly, he left the group while they were still training due to different music taste.A representative of LEDApple's agency said: "Lee Chi Hoon trained as a member of LEDApple but he was unable to join the final line-up because the musical style he hoped to pursue was different from the other members. Please give your support for both LEDApple and Lee Chi Hoon

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