28 de marzo de 2013

LIVING WITH A KOREAN -EP1: Don't feed me!

Hello to everyone ~!

Today  I will start a new chapter of my life and on the blogsite. I do this only to see how is a life of a non-korean girl with a Korean boy. Obviously, not all the girls will have the same experiences as me, but at least, almost all and I would like to share them!

He is my South Korean "friend" Jeong JiWon. He is a sweet boy from Daegu and we met each other on Badoo almost one year ago. and finally he decided to come here and met us ^^~

We are sharing a flat on the city and these days we have done so so so many things! Every day is awesome. I swear. I can learn korean and he can learn spanish from me. Also, you can change your ideas about culture, food culture and so on.

This time I would like to show some delicious food that we have been sharing ~

We ate Ramyun (Kimchi one) MAAANDU (my favouritee) and much much more but, my favourite one was... SAM GYUP SAL.

This picture was made by me and cooked by him! Its really awesome to wake up and see all this food on the table!! Can you imagine? You would melt if someone cook for you everyday and more if is your favourite food ^^
Even If you don't believe it, was very hard to do it for me, because after putting the rice, kimchi and meat on the letuce, I had to close it and make a ball and...I ALWAYS USED TO BROKE IT D:
ALL THE RICE ON THE FLOOR ;__; He always say to me: *Babo Lory*

But his food is always so awesome. Im trying to make a diet but with him by my side I TOTALLY CANT haha.
After this awesome lunch, he made me this surprise:

I almost kill him when I saw it on the door. OMG. How much fat I would be after this? But I have to admit that was so sweet and it surprised me. Thaaaank you.

But also, I gave to him some spanish things: Jamon Serrano, some cheese from where I live and "tortilla" made him love this country more. I'm glad to know it and it's good to see how people from other countries exchange their cultures.

If someone is going to eat some korean dishes at a restaurant or cook it... I recomend:

  • Jjajjangmyeon
  • Kimchi
  • Sam Gyup Sal
  • Mandu
  • kimchi bokkeumbap

Thank you so much for reading ^^ Next time I will talk about some places we visited and how we took pictures in our "Korean Style" and what he thinks about the spanish life!

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