29 de diciembre de 2012

► [2012 REVIEW] Ulzzang & Daily Life.

Firstly, Im gonna talk about my personal life and what I have learned in the 2012. Secondly, I will talk as an "ulzzang" or I will try to.
► In this year, I'm surprised how old Im feeling since I turned 18. Going to the university and be in a different place everyday with people older than me it's a weird feeling that changes you. Anyway, Im really happy to see that I can be mature and I can manage myself in my own life.
► In this year, also I have met new people, discovering how many minds there are in this world, and teaching me how should I act with them.Sometimes you think that your behaviour is perfect and that "you are how you are" and that's all but NO. Sometimes you have to change a little bit. That's not be fake,only, trying to be a better person.
► Thinking about what I want in my life. Since that special person ♥ is in my life, Im focused to be a better person everyday and trying to study more so,in the future I can have a relaxed and happy life with him. 

► I love myself a little bit more. Being an "ulzzang" I can see that I can be pretty too without CL, photoshop or a lot of XIUXIU in my face. I'm discovering new ways of fashion, make up, places and photography that makes me feel happy and is an healthy hobby. 
► I can show to the people that EVERYONE can be an ulzzang. Don't have to spend a lot of money buying CL, expensive clothes or cameras or trying to change your face. You are how you are, and feel that you are pretty and awesome 
► I have met new people that have inspired me to keep fighting and keep doing what I love not matter what happens or what people can think. Rememer that each person is a different world: One can think you are gorgeous and other can think you are....a monster. Be yourself.

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